"The courage to be yourself is the essence of Hip Hop." KRS-One

For the past three years I have been filming music vids and documentaries for underground Hip Hop artists. I love old school Hip Hop. I love underground Hip Hop. Hip Hop is very much alive it’s just drowned out by the shit that’s on the airwaves. Having met different Hip Hop artists over the years, I became inspired. I listened to all different genres of music growing up. I played guitar in a pop/punk rock band with my best friend…I never thought I had it in me to spit on the mic. Since December of last year, I’ve been working on my very first mix tape “Beer & Skittles”. Here is the first released track “I Still Love You” off the mix tape.




"Addition" performed by Hip Hop artist ASon. Make sure to subscribe and check back for more music and videos! Soundcloud.com/ason1988 Twitter.com/ason1988 In…